Planning a Trip to the Panorama Route, South Africa

With a ton of ground to cover and a lot of beauty to see you’ll want to plan accordingly. With a lot of driving and stops along the way you don’t want to miss out.

Take this as your personal guide of what to check off prior to heading out!

Get food ahead of time

Stopping at SparGameWoolworths or Pick n Pay is going to save your life and your wallet!

With a few grocery stores in the towns that close early, grabbing food for the road is essential. Eating at restaurants daily isn’t the best; specially if you have any dietary restrictions. My biggest suggestion is to get some simple to assemble food. Having a cooler bag for the groceries was one of the smartest things we did. We would keep it at the back of the car and packed with a bunch of food and drinks.

Decide where you’re going to stay in advanced

There are many options but if you’ve got specific wants make sure you plan your night stops ahead of time

We went on a whim on this trip and paid for it in the stress of finding spots to stay last minute. Some of the places are super overpriced and sometime just booked up for the night. If taking this trip again I’d plan ahead to avoid the hassle of finding a spot every two nights. Finding a place a few hours before bedtime isn’t the most ideal specially when driving!

Know your preferred route

It isn’t easy to get lost on the Panorama Route but it is easy to miss out on some amazing views if you don’t plan your route correctly

There’s a lot going on and if you don’t map yourself out it’s likely that you’ll miss out on some great sights. It is true that sometimes you stumble upon gems when you get lost, which happened a few times however it can still be frustrating and a waste of time in some instances. Panorama route isn’t small and sometimes hours between stops.

Have a reliable vehicle

There are a lot of hills and some roads aren’t as great as others!

It’s highly suggested that you travel the route with a reliable car as there are many turns and some roads are unpaved. Some roads are filled with potholes and the last thing you want it to spin out on the side of a mountain. Rolling downhill cause you couldn’t make it up, or breakdown at night on a road with no lights!   Aside from all these tips for a trip to the panorama route the best advice I can give you is enjoy it. You’re going to be amongst breathtaking views so you should stop and take the time to enjoy them… it’s beyond beautiful and worth all the driving! Read the 5 Best stops on the Panorama Route here!