A Complete Guide for Traveling to Botswana

Botswana is a hassle free place, and crossing the border crossing from South Africa was a breeze. People traveling to Botswana tend to be either business or wildlife.

Oh the nature, the animals, the adventure and the unexpected boring capital! Botswana is for a particular type of travel, and it isn’t city exploring!

Botswana Visa Situation

My Visa was good for one month and both Canadian and UK residence don’t have to pay upon arrival. The whole process was quick and easy at the border from South Africa.


Pula is the currency in Botswana and it is quite strong; the cost of living isn’t cheap. They are open to receiving USD and Canadian and UK bank cards worked in the country. Pulling out Pula from the ATM wasn’t an issue and the notes are quite pretty!

Getting Around

Gaborone (capital) has really great roads but everything is really spread out. You can easily find yourself needing to be on the other side of town from where you’re staying if you’ve got any type of itinerary. Driving is quite easy as they have civil road rules that are followed and the country is quite flat. If you’re planning  to visit anywhere else in the country by road a 4×4 is a must as many of the roads off A1 and other freeways aren’t as well paved or directed. We drove out to the Tuli Block in a little Sudan and while we made it there and back alive it isn’t really suggested. In the city we relied on a transport company called Gifa Transport. Gifa was reliable, on time and really helpful. 

Places to Stay

If you’re looking for nature and wildlife there are a lot of really amazing lodges to visit. If you are planning on staying in Gaborone, I would highly suggest doing research before you pick a spot. The country is spread out and a bit unpredictable cost wise so choose wisely because it is easy to pick a spot in the middle of nowhere by accident!


If you find yourself in Botswana’s capital Gaborone, here is a list of places to visit!