How does one introduce themselves?

I’m not going to pretend someone else is writing this and I will probably rewrite this a million times over but hey, I’m Satori. Thanks for being here.

I’ll keep it short. I’m from Toronto, and I adore traveling, eating, and dancing. Above all, creativity fuels me. Whether it’s walking busy city streets, to a quiet walk in a desolate dessert, each experience enriches my approach to design and storytelling in my personal life and for my business.

I’ve taken my global influences and put them right into my work by crafting unique brand identities to creating a personal shopping thrifting business. Two different worlds but both big passions of mine. I am always traveling and there are two things that I do everywhere I go – eat and thrift. If I’m traveling light I will eat and window shop.

Professionally speaking, I’ve been eating food for 35 years and have been writing about it for two years. I guess that maks me a professional at food. I love writing and thats why I turned both these passions into a thriving business. I love working with others who are as passionate about food as I am.

Thirfting is a big passion of mine, aside from the fact that it supports reducing waste, saving money and creates opportunity – it’s also just fun. I LOVE going to antique stores and learning the story behind an item, finding unique kitchen tools or home decor. I’m obsessed with clothes and am always in secondhand shops, markets, bazzaars and vintage shops looking for something special. Why not pick up a thing or two for someone else?

Well, I don’t really know what else to say right now other than enjoy browsing and if you’re interested in tech services or want me to do some shopping for you – hit me up!