What’s life without sharing?

imagine living and just NOT sharing everything online?! Crazy concept right? I feel like I’ve been spending so much time over the last few years living and not sharing.. or at least not oversharing that I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I wanted to start sharing.

How do people do it now a days? This is a question that has been running through my mind over and over again. I feel between being on my computer for work, a 15-20 minute scrolling break every 5-6 hours and then being present with my partner, my dog and anyone else that I am around I run out of days to actually do the sharing.. the editing, the picking and choosing and all the other parts.

I haven’t stopped documenting – that is something that will always come naturally to me but the storytelling and sharing part.. the more time that goes by the more foreign it starts to feel.

I see people doing it all the time, are they still able to maintain the ability of being present? Like truly present…? This is a balance that I have yet to discover.. and to be fair maybe I haven’t tried that hard. I’ve never really been that great at balance. I’m either working 145% of the time, relaxing on overload.. or staring into space for days on end but I’ve never really been great at finding the balance.

In a world of oversharing, I really do wonder if others have the secret key to balance that I have yet to find…

How do you do your pottery classes, rock climbing, activism, spend time with family, go on long hikes, bake your own bread and have three adopted dogs all in 48 hours? I’m baffled. Maybe it’s a case of comparisonitis, but I am no longer comparing myself to the unrealistic lives of celebrities.. these are the people I know! These are my clients, these are my friends, and these are the other random people on the internet who manage to do so many things AND create a beautiful reel about it to share online – even with only 1000 followers.

Because it isn’t really about the followers anymore.. or is it? I feel nowadays it’s just about sharing what’s happening so you don’t need to keep up with anyone specifically… You can go months without talking to your friends and family but as long as they are following you on social media it’s like no time has gone by. You can run into a “friend” on the street and they will ask you how your vacation to Alaska was even though you never told them you were going. Is this the new normal? Is this something I should get used to?

I’ve done a lot in the last few years that I haven’t shared and there is a part of me that wants to share but is severely stuck on how to do it. Are old trips relevant? If you did an amazing dance class one year ago does it make sense to share it today? These are the questions that run through my overflowing mind of curiosities and sometimes I just wonder… does it really matter? Can the conversation still happen even after the initial spark has dissipated?