Wits Museum

It’s free, it’s local and it has beautiful pieces of art!

Located in an awesome neighbourhood in the CBD is Wits University and Museum. The campus building is a beautiful glass structure in the middle of shops and food establishments. As you walk up to the building you are excited by the window where you get a sneak peek of some of the work that is on display. Free?! Yes please! This place has several levels and sometimes there is interactive pieces as well. The museum put on events and change their installations up quite frequently, it’s a stop you won’t want to miss out on!

Constitution Hill

This is a heavy but important visit, give yourself the chance to learn South African history.

Not every visit you make on this list is going to be a fun and easy one. The history of a place is one of those essentials when traveling. If you’re planning on going to Constitution Hill (which I 100% recommend) you may want to pack some tissue. The issues that took place in South African history is not easy information to take in. Nevertheless the information is critical and the hope is that everyone will leave Constitution Hill with hope for the future, deeper compassion in their hearts and more love for your neighbour.

Maboneng Precinct

This coming neighbourhood is one that you won’t want to miss out on. With an amazing Sunday market and a whole lot of good eats!

Johannesburg has been buzzing for the last few years over this amazing redevelopment. Previously Jeppetown; a neighbourhood previously filled with auto shops and storage units has been revived into a bustling little art and food scene. An entrepreneurs dream space with many buildings for sale crying to be refurbished into something fresh and raw. Investors and developers are using everything they have in this area and making it great! Keeping the industrial feel, galleries, theatres, restaurants and shops of all types are opening up here daily, it’s no wonder this Precinct is going to take over a large space in the CBD. To top it off there is an Sunday market and loads of live music and food! This is definitely not a place you want to miss if you are heading to Johannesburg. Most of all, its safe with many places to stay!

Neighbourgoods Saturday Market

Seems like everyone who is someone in Johannesburg is attending this market and you’re about to find out why!

This Saturday market is one that you don’t want to miss. Adorned with an amazing vintage and crafts market upstairs by the bar and downstairs is filled with foods and drinks of all types. There is a wonderful community vibe to this market and a DJ playing the best music to vibe to on the open patio upstairs! With a bunch of open style seating the arrangement makes it quick to have conversations with strangers over some food eats and drinks!

Ponte City Apartments

A round building in the middle of a city? This unique architecture is some not to be missed!

At first place you might wonder, what is that round vodacom building in the middle of the city?! If you’re like me, you might already know about the building because you google abandoned buildings everywhere you go! If you aren’t then you might google it the minute you see it because this building is not like the others! The building was abandoned but has since been restored and is filled with residence, a community centre and amazing views! It’s quite the landmark for Johannesburg and it’s easy to see why!