Walking in Johannesburg

If you’re going to walk around Johannesburg I suggest not doing it at night time

It is easy to take a turn down the wrong street in some neighbourhoods and not all of the streets are well lit. The night brings out a different type of brave in people; they tend to do things they wouldn’t have in the daylight. 

side note: You CAN walk around Johannesburg just take your time at researching what streets are the safest to walk. Map where you want to go so you don’t make wrong turns and walk with your valuables out of sight. If you are going to be a flashy tourist; stick to the Ubers or rental cars.

Taking the Transit

There are a couple different transit systems in Johannesburg but I’ve been suggested to only take the Gautrain; I think most people are going to make the same suggestion.

There are also combi’s which are fantastic for getting from one side of town to the other.

side note: Still be smart and plan ahead, not all train or bus stations in Johannesburg are the safest and you want to be waiting around for your transportation for as little time as possible.

Final Thoughts on getting around in Johannesburg…

The fact is, there’s a lot of drugs and poverty in Johannesburg and while it might be scary and sad this shouldn’t deter you from checking the city out. Johannesburg is full of art, music and food; it has so much to offer along side of museums, galleries, and so many educational day trips and monuments.

It would be an awful shame to miss Johannesburg because you were too afraid so put on your brave face on, know where you want to go and if all else fails CALL AN UBER… Actually just call an Uber, I think that walking is only for the really brave and really smart and only in some neighbourhoods. The city has a long way to go but it has already come so far and I really think it deserves a lot of love and attention!

If you’ve been to Johannesburg let me know what some of your favourite things to do were, how you got around, and what you thought of the city!