Gods Window

If the name doesn’t scream to be seen then I don’t know what would!

It’s a hike to the top to see God’s Window but once you are there it is undeniably worth it. The sky is huge, and you walk through a rainforest first! As a popular destination I’d suggest getting there on an off hour to avoid being all the other people going up and down the stairs trying to get the perfect selfie on God’s windowsill!

Sudwala Caves

Said to be the oldest caves in the world and I got a chance to take a look around!

Fact, they are the oldest caves! Maybe not the biggest or the deepest but certainly the oldest! You have to climb some stairs to get to the entrance but once you do the view from the top is incredible. The tour through the caves is guided by a well informed, animated and exciting guide, making learning about the caves functions and history that much more enjoyable.

Blyde River Canyon

It really does’t matter what part of the Blyde River Canyon you go to, you’re in for a treat

Blyde River Canyon was easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Rolling hills and cliffs seemed to go on forever, the layers of Mother Nature were evident and the air felt clear and fresh. With numerous stops around the Canyon it is easy to get a great view from any direction. If you’re into meditating this is a place to do it, the feeling was so grounding and peaceful!

Lucky Potholes

These potholes must have gone forever, there was more than the eye could see and deeper than you could imagine.

This was a wonderful stumble upon, we were driving to another destination when we saw the sign and were both intrigued by the title. It was almost sunset and it couldn’t have been a better time to be at the potholes! A highly recommended stop because photos are stunning but being there amongst the sounds of the crashing water and animals is a whole other experience.

Kruger National Park

Kruger Nation Park isn’t directly on the Panorama Route but you do need to drive along it to get there!

We loved Kruger Nation Park so much the first time that we went back for a second time. Kruger is a beautiful reserve and park for animals to be safe, live an organic life and be wild! You might not see the Big Five every time you go but you will see something amazing. There are some great rest points in the park with great views. Plan to be in the car all day by packing drinks, snacks, a pair of binoculars and a great camera!

Aside from all these tips for a trip to the panorama route the best advice I can give you is enjoy it. You’re going to be amongst breathtaking views so you should stop and take the time to enjoy them… it’s beyond beautiful and worth all the driving!