A Welcome Letter to Everyone, Love from me

A Welcome Letter from a girl who has no idea what she's up to but knows it will be great!

I must have started and stopped a million blogs, notebooks, scrapbooks memoirs, poems and pieces of art throughout the course of my 30 years of life – well just three months short of 30 but who’s counting?

I’m on my first true long term solo expedition with just a few dollars in my bank account, a broken but mending heart, a loving family, a lot of good music on offline download, a laptop, a backpack full of some of my favourite pieces. A fuji film camera, some nuts that I will probably carry around for three months and eat every so slowly, a few quality books, a head full of thoughts and a lot of time on my hands so I figured what better time than the present to take this seriously. (This is my way of saying I don’t pack lightly; physically or mentally!)

Life has a funny way of throwing you curve balls. It has a funny way of reminding you all the things you are good at. A funny way of showing you that when you’re back is against the wall who and what matters most. I’ve had a wild last few years in my life and perhaps throughout this blog I will find myself reflecting on some of those moments both good and bad and sorting out what types of lessons I’ve truly learnt from my experiences.

For those who think they understand me a lot of what you read my come as a surprise and for those of you who don’t know me this is perhaps the best time to find out what I’m all about.

I have a passion for photography, music, art, travel, moving my body, veganism, yogic teachings and philosophies, human interaction, crafts, writing, architecture, mental health and so much more.

I am a self proclaimed empath and I don’t for one second think I am wrong about that; if I were to sit and recite all the moments I have put myself before someone else, I have felt the pain of an animal, person or universal moment I would be writing a list longer than a CVS receipt.

What will be expressed, shared, explored and received is really a toss up but I promise it will be authentic, heartfelt and honest – always. If everyone or no one reads any of this is makes no difference, I’m doing this for me, satori b.

Spread love always