The troubles of being vegan in India are a real life struggle!

The misconception of being vegan in India is that nothing is vegan. I am not really a food traveller but I thought in India I would have all the food and definitely I'm going home fat!

I think in total I lost somewhere around 20lbs during my 2.5 months in India. Now I am not mad about this however being vegan in India was a challenge daily. When I could eat the food was amazing and I wish I could have just sat around eating all day and night (which was the majority of my initial plan) however I really didn’t factor in the fact of Dairy.

Oh Dairy, it is everywhere, its hidden in items I didn’t even expect and they use that shit on everything!

Ghee my arch nemesis

Anytime I thought I was safe from dairy I’d ask “ghee?” with this extremely confused and already defeated look on my face; in which the response was “yes”. Ghee quickly became my worst enemy resulting in me losing the battle I stopped eating Indian food all together.

This was a heartbreaking moment because I had locals offering to cook me food and I was walking past all these delicious snacks that I just couldn’t have. Eventually I decided that not eating at all was probably not the best option so I went back to the basics and found myself a grocery store.

*Side note: traveling through hostels with a backpack and another backpack and a grocery bag is not a great time – specially when there is nowhere to store your food*

I digress; brown bread, peanut butter and strawberry jam quickly became my new best friends. I started introducing this classic mega rare sandwich to everyone I met and got them hooked. To imagine, some humans on this earth have never experienced this amazing combination brings tears to my eyes.

It wasn’t till that fine day when I woke up in Goa…

Where my whole life changed. I was staying in Palolem Beach somewhere south of the Russian party central that Goa has become when I realized I was in vegan paradise. Palolem is not huge, but my goodness does it cater to my belly. There was one main strip that was just bombarded with vegan, yoga and incense – I hit the jackpot.

I spent more time and money than I should have but this was honestly one of the best 10 days of my life. I spent time with people that I will always be connected with; swam in the saltiest waters of the Arabian Sea, spent a lot of time under the sun and ate all the food. I haven’t seen all of India so I really can’t say for sure but if you’re vegan and want to eat like royalty go to Goa.

If you’ve been to India and have some other recommendations please let me know cause I will be back.

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