Why didn’t I like Jaipur? Everyone loves Jaipur!

It's not that I HATED Jaipur, but rather strongly disliked it.

Truthfully the only positive thing I got out of it was a pretty damn cool friend named Bhavya. I could probably go on about her for a couple of paragraphs but I don’t want to embarrass her; I will however plug her jewellery line which is absolutely incredible. Check out this link to see me be a model and Bhavya Ramesh’s dope creations.

Without further blabbering. Here is my list of reasons why I hate Jaipur;

  • It’s really spread out
  • Its more expensive than the other cities in Rajasthan
  • Its really loud, if not more loud than the other cities
  • The people felt more rude, in all of Rajasthan I did not experience many rude people at all and here it happened almost everyday
  • They use elephants a lot more than in other places in the state
  • I woke up with a mouse in my bed one night
  • I had my female only dorm turn into a mixed one without consent
  • and I am pretty sure this is the city that made me REALLY sick resulting in me not getting to enjoy the next three weeks of my trip.. more on that another time.