El Cuyo: A place of love & light

It's hard to NOT fall in love when you travel to destinations like El Cuyo.

It was probably one of the sweetest gestures of love and I will always remember this trip.

We’ve been together for maybe a little over 2 years at this point and going on adventures was still new to us. This trip was the perfect weekend getaway to see how we do in a neutral space for an extended amount of time without a whole lot of things to distract us… Needless to say, we did well 🙂 

I remember arriving at the airport in Cancun and Giuliana picked me up and said she had the perfect place picked for us to spend the weekend. I never doubted her taste in accommodations; her home was cozy, her clothing was almost always clean and she always smelled good. 

We got into the car and drove for quite some time – it’s pretty much a straight line to Cuyo from Playa del Carmen but it’s a straight line through the jungle and that my friends, is a beautiful drive.

El Cuyo is a sleepy little beach town in Yucatan at the top of the peninsula. It’s got one supermarket, a few airbnbs, no hotels, dirt roads and pretty much nobody walks. We arrived at the hottest part of the day, naturally and as soon as we got our things into the room we went straight to the beach – somewhere we spent a lot of time.

Our hammock and balcony in the airbnb

The view from our shower

I won’t dive into details of the trip too much; I will let the photos speak for themselves. It was a wonderful time to relax, recharge and fall deeper in love.

We went to breakfast at a cute little vegan spot, I think we forgot to eat dinner, and we drank,  napped in the hammocks and showered outside overlooking the jungle. The beach was empty and we took full advantage tanning topless.

Oh, and there were flamingos and a full moon. The end.

we spent a lot of time just like this. If nobody has ever massaged your back with their feet its wonderful and I highly recommend it.

half asleep watching kite surfing

the single road in and out of Cuyo just before the cement stops. On either side is where the flamingos eat.