Chapter 1: Back in Toronto

I didn’t know that I was going to be writing this until it was already happening. Here’s to being surprised by yourself and letting humility NOT get the best of you!

Why didn’t I like Jaipur? Everyone loves Jaipur!

It’s not that I HATED Jaipur, but rather strongly disliked it. Truthfully the only positive thing I got out of it was a pretty damn cool friend named Bhavya. I could probably go on about her for a couple of paragraphs but I don’t want to embarrass her; I will however plug her jewellery line […]

The troubles of being vegan in India are a real life struggle!

The misconception of being vegan in India I am not really the food traveler but I thought, India.. Indian food; I’m going home fat. I think in total I lost somewhere around 20lbs during my 2.5 months in India. Now I am not mad about this however being vegan in India was a challenge daily. […]

A Welcome Letter to Everyone, Love from me

A Welcome Letter from a girl who has no idea what she’s up to but knows it will be great! I must have started and stopped a million blogs, notebooks, scrapbooks memoirs, poems and pieces of art throughout the course of my 30 years of life – well just three months short of 30 but […]

A Complete Travel Guide to Zimbabwe

Here are just a few things I wish I knew prior to visiting Zimbabwe! This list was well thought out because there were a lot of hurdles to overcome in the first few days of visiting Zimbabwe! After being in Botswana for a month and booking all of our accommodations nobody mentioned to us some […]