Why didn’t I like Jaipur? Everyone loves Jaipur!

It’s not that I HATED Jaipur, but rather strongly disliked it. Truthfully the only positive thing I got out of it was a pretty damn cool friend named Bhavya. I could probably go on about her for a couple of paragraphs but I don’t want to embarrass her; I will however plug her jewellery line […]

The troubles of being vegan in India are a real life struggle!

The misconception of being vegan in India I am not really the food traveler but I thought, India.. Indian food; I’m going home fat. I think in total I lost somewhere around 20lbs during my 2.5 months in India. Now I am not mad about this however being vegan in India was a challenge daily. […]

A Complete Travel Guide to Zimbabwe

Here are just a few things I wish I knew prior to visiting Zimbabwe! This list was well thought out because there were a lot of hurdles to overcome in the first few days of visiting Zimbabwe! After being in Botswana for a month and booking all of our accommodations nobody mentioned to us some […]

A Complete Guide for Traveling to Botswana

Botswana is a hassle free place, and crossing the border crossing from South Africa was a breeze. People traveling to Botswana tend to be either business or wildlife. Botswana Visa Situation My Visa was good for one month and both Canadian and UK residence don’t have to pay upon arrival. The whole process was quick […]

Top 5 Places to Visit in Gaborone, Botswana

What can I say that might make you excited to visit Gaborone… I have been trying to think of the right tagline or statement that makes you say “YES, I need to go to Gaborone”. However, I did not like the city and if I could do it again, I would have spent a lot […]

Planning a Trip to the Panorama Route, South Africa

With a ton of ground to cover and a lot of beauty to see you’ll want to plan accordingly. With a lot of driving and stops along the way you don’t want to miss out. Take this as your personal guide of what to check off prior to heading out! Get food ahead of time […]